Why 10% is all that you truly need

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You only need 10% of the motivation

How often do you lack the motivation for a 45 minute workout?

Your mind works like this: I really need to workout because I haven't the past two days. I also really need to move over the laundry and also buy a present for the party this weekend.

Then the workout thought returns and you aren't sure you'll make it through to the end anyway. Finally this small thought shows up: I probably shouldn't even start. I just don't have enough motivation.

So you skip it all together. You talked yourself out of the very thing you knew was going to be beneficial without even putting on a pair of shorts.

Want to know a secret?

No one starts with enough motivation to finish!
You only need enough to get started and
the rest will find you.

As women, we only have so much in our tank every day. Let me tell ya, that tank can empty fast! ⛽️

Rarely do we visualize ourselves crossing the finish line in celebratory fashion. Instead, if we even make it to the finish line at all, we are dragging ourselves across it each day.

I'll take you back to my laundry room real quick. I'm not sure if you're like me, but my laundry get last priority, especially when it comes to being put away.

I easily go days, sometimes weeks 😳 without actually putting my clean clothes away. Instead they sit on a little window sill in my bedroom because I don't have enough motivation.

The truth is, if we wait for a full boost of motivation to get started, we will all be waiting for a long long time. Your exercise, my laundry, someone else's work project.

Instead of needing 100% of the motivation to finish,
what if we only need to find 10% to get started?

I have found that the rest of the 90% of the effort to finish something only arrives after I've put in the first 10%. But it always shows up!

If you've experienced this before, here's how to deal with it...

Step 1: Accept that it's ok to lack motivation. We all do. The worst thing to do it to let it paralyze us altogether.

Step 2: Believe that your #1 job is to just start. Getting started is in fact an accomplishment itself. It is amazing the momentum we create to keep going once we've gotten past the starting line.

Step 3: Trust that less that 100% done is still valid. Who says that effort only counts if you finish? Move your expectation from "I must finish" to instead "I need to get started."

Women who start with their 10% motivation finish way more of their goals and projects than women who require 100%.

Be a 10% person this month.
Today is Monday. It's August 1st.
A great combo to get started.

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Have a great week! - B💙


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