Want The Ultimate Cheat Code? It Costs You Nothing, FYI.

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Shhhh 🤫 It's Community

Reader, I've been a part of a local gym as a fitness instructor for 15 years now. Do you want to know the most important thing I have learned about showing up week after week?

It takes me 1-2 minutes... Total.

It's not setting my clothes out or grabbing my mat. It isn't planning out what workout I'm going to do or eating before I walk out the door.

What's the secret? What is the cheat code?
I send a text to my gym besties to see if they are coming too.

At the expense of sounding like a broken record, I'm going to keep filling your inbox with a promise and reminder that the biggest shortcut you can take to getting and staying healthy is to invite others to journey with you.

Here are 5 Reasons why women fail to include others in their weekly food and fitness rhythms

  1. They wait till the last minute and don't prioritize it.
  2. They don't want to be judged for their current physical state.
  3. They aren't sure they will be able to maintain the commitment.
  4. They can't seem to get their schedules to line up.
  5. They don't want to be a burden or a bother.

Can I tell you that I've been there? After my babies, on my introverted days, and when I was scrambling to get it all done. I know those feelings, but I promise you the paradox is true.

It is always worth it to include others. You will push harder, you'll sweat longer, and you'll feel better.

Here are a few of the amazing B•TRIBAL•FIT ladies who've been showing up in our Tribe Community lately!


Ok, one last thing... for your week ahead. I'm in the process of unveiling something super special called B•TRIBAL•FIT Premium to help serve women better.

It is going to be perfect for the woman who needs more monthly input into her health, no matter what season she's in. We will have office hours, video calls with a health industry expert and monthly food inspo so that the premium members have access to recipes from some of my favorite food influencers.

Be on the lookout as I'll begin offering it in a few weeks!

So, since it's the Fall season, I wanted to share a few of my favorite soups with you just because I appreciate you being on my email list. Here you go!

For the Tribe! - B 💙


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