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Two Crazy Things Happened This Weekend...

publishedabout 2 months ago
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Motivation Monday

Two Crazy Things Happened This Weekend...

Honesty moment: I'm not a great decision-maker. I get super nervous about making the wrong decision and can get paralyzed.

I'd been thinking...discussing...pondering...evaluating...considering ...




So I finally did it and I'm so excited and relieved. Why did I make a change? Here are a few reasons...

  • Instagram has changed and having a personal brand name compared to a "business" name is more identifiable.
  • I'm being approached for more social media sponsorship opportunities and this will be helpful now and in the future.
  • It will help me slightly expand the types of posts and reels that I get to create.

So I did it! Change can be scary but it is also very motivating and brings some new and freshness to our lives.

Which brings me to our newest offer, just in time for January...


For the woman who needs a bit more πŸ–€

We built a whole page this weekend for you to help see if joining us is the right decision. Also laid out are the special guests, teachers, and influencers who will be sharing their expertise each month.



Where else can you get a health coach, endless accessible workouts, food inspiration, and a habit-forming community for less than the cost of your local gym membership?


Finally Some Monday Motivation πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ


90% of becoming a healthy person is really just:

  • Purchasing & eating enough protein.
  • Dedicating a set time to exercise 4 days a week.
  • Belonging to a community of people who do the same thing.

It's a few choices but they all belong to the habits of healthy women.



The 3 mistakes of an unmotivated woman in December:

  • Waiting till the "new year" to find it.
  • Believing that your health is a lost cause.
  • Hoping that inspiration will magically find you.

Let’s address the issues and make a change:

  • Start educating yourself now.
  • Identify & name your unhealthy habits.
  • Choose a guide or (even better) a community.
  • Count every win and take small steps to move forward.


For the Tribe - B πŸ’™