The Saturday Secret

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"September Special"
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Special ends 9/12!

The Saturday Secret

This morning I'm headed to my local gym to teach a cardio class called Body Attack. It's a highlight of my week and I've been teaching it for almost 10 years now.

There is something I've learned about women who workout on the weekends... it's almost a certainty that they have established a healthy lifestyle.

When so much is competing for your time on a weekend, the priority of moving your body, even for 30 minutes is important. I just looooove seeing the women in my class who have embraced and taken ownership enough to join me on a Saturday. 🖤


Some of the women in our Tribe Community use the workout library as their primary cardio, weights and stretching outlet each week.

Others however, use B•TRIBAL•FIT as a supplement to their other workout routines or lifestyle.

🚕 In a season where you're often fighting traffic and need more time flexibility? Grab a 20 minute workout with us.

💪🏼 Can't find a class you like at the gym that works for your schedule? Create a list of your 'favorites' for easy access.

👟 Do you love to run? Cross-training is so important and will help your overall fitness when you add in Barre or Weights.

⏸ Need to pause your gym membership but don't want to stop altogether? You can spend a fraction of the money by joining here.

I believe B•TRIBAL•FIT is amazing, but more than that, I believe you get to move your body this weekend! - B 💙

Use Code SEPT50 when you sign up today!


Helping everyday women find an authentic fitness home. Mid-40s Mom of 3 using her creative gifts to encourage and activate women to prioritize their daily food & exercise.

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