The Emotions of Summer 😁😒

Summer Emotions

🌞 Can you believe we are 1/3 way through summer break? To put it in a positive light, we still have 2/3 of the summer season ahead and we can do so much with this time we have 🤩

It's been a strange summer in the Robinson household. My son is gone for 3 months living/working in California. While my daughters are both in town, they are working lots of hours at their jobs. Our family group text is the one thing that's keeping me happy now📱I know for some of you though, you've had enough of your kids by 10am every day because you've been up since 5am 😵

🌸 It's tough to remember as women that we need to live within our limits and summer is one of the the biggest tests in our calendar. Finding time to create spaces and time to keep your mind and body healthy during the summer days is so challenging.

For instance, here's a look at my month of May in pictures 🤪

I filmed 9 workouts, attended 8 grad parties, celebrated 6 birthdays and taught 4 x's a week at the gym. When you throw in Mother's Day, our 23rd Anniversary and raising a new puppy, I WAS NOT operating within my limits. Needless to say my daily 20min nap has been happening before Noon a lot this month.

No June Gloom 🤗

On the rare occasion when I talk with my son in California, I hear about the gloomy weather that happens every year at this time. That is not the case in our amazing fitness community or with the latest workouts we've been enjoying.

I've gotten clearance to film at my local gym on an occasional Sunday afternoon. It's been so nice "kill 2 birds with 1 stone" and just show up, not have to haul weights and be able to gather fitness friends to film for YOU. I'll take an easy peasy in my life for sure!!

Coming Soon 👀

I'll be back next Monday with an all-new SHRED program ready for July and also a special 1-week only membership discount for anyone to use to lock in your workouts for the rest of 2024!

- B 💙


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