T-24 Hours To Shred Launch

Summer Lovin'

It's been HOT here in Arkansas and I'm here for all of it! 💛 But how are YOU holding up this summer? Tonight my husband mentioned he was looking forward to a cooler Fall day and I gasped!! How dare he wish away these blistering sun shiny sweaty days 😉 LOL

⭐️ 6 Month Membership Sale - This Week Only ⭐️

I only offer this to current or future members 1x a year! This week only you can join the incredible women of BTRIBALFIT at our annual discount rate but at the 6-month membership price.

Imagine spending $99 and taking care of all of these fitness challenges at once:

  1. Working out on your own terms and time every week.
  2. Having an amazing variety of workouts, from cardio to strength to mobility ... ensuring you're never bored.
  3. Accessing a done-for-you schedule of videos every single week so you eliminate decision fatigue.
  4. Finding a community of women to encourage and motivate you on a consistent basis.

Unfortunately, I can't do the exercising FOR you but I'd love to workout WITH you on a weekly basis. With 6 months left in 2024, let's prioritize your health for the rest of this year.

☀️ 21-Day Summer Shred Starts Monday ☀️

Monday, July 8th- 28!! A new Summer Shred program is live and ready for you to jump in! If you're a member and subscribed to our app & website this is free for you :) We start tomorrow, so go have a look at the fun plan ahead for our next three weeks.

You're welcome to press play every day for 21 days, get as far as you can, and move your body every day. Or go the pace that feels right for the current season. Aim for 3-4 days a week for 15-20 min.

You have 6 months left in 2024, so set an achievable goal and take care of your mind and body with the women of BTRIBALFIT! - B 💙


Helping everyday women find an authentic fitness home. Mid-40s Mom of 3 using her creative gifts to encourage and activate women to prioritize their daily food & exercise.

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