My Missing Motivation

Published 3 months ago • 1 min read

When Motivation is Missing

I have a special membership sale to share with you at the bottom of this email (!) but first ... I feel the need to be completely honest.

🍁 Don't freak out! I have zero desire to decorate for Thanksgiving and especially Christmas right now.😮‍💨

🎄 Have any of you ever entered November or the Holiday season and felt this way too? It's a first for me and I'm really trying to respect myself through it. My family is already calling me Scrooge, but I feel there is something deeper happening inside myself.

💡It's given me an insight though, into the mental state of a lady who has zero motivation to move her body. It's a real thing! A recent study I read showed that 67% of women lack motivation & the other 55% lack the time.

The fact that women don't have the time and can't muster the motivation shows that the problem runs deeper than taking five minutes for yourself a day.

Find Your Fitness Why Again

🏃‍♀️Movement is medicine. I believe this with every fiber of my body, but I often wonder, if anyone else does. In a matter of 5-10 minutes of moving your body, endorphins are produced in your brain and act as messengers in your body! Creating a better mood, lowering stress, relieving pain, and sleeping better.

👱‍♀️ As women, we are staring down some wild weeks ahead. But choosing to implement aerobic exercise, lifting some weights, or simply taking time to flex & stretch will make a huge difference.

Don't worry!!! I'm not letting myself off the hook but finding 🎄 motivation is tough for me this year. I wonder if 🏋🏻‍♀️ motivation is tough for you? If so, here's how we're going to get through this together...


• Ask for decorating help from a crafty friend

• Buy a new festive outfit for the season.

• Try a couple of new healthy recipes.


• Ask for fitness coaching from me or our community.

• Buy a new pair of workout shoes.

• Try a new workout format for 20 min.


🤝 We all lack motivation in one area or another, but we are more similar than different. I believe when we choose to do the thing we know is right for us, we never ever regret it! Here's to happier spirits this holiday season. - B💙

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by Brooke Robinson

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