Lessons Learned from My High School Eating Disorder

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What hardships has your
health and fitness faced?

You may not know, but my health journey has seen a lot of challenges over the years.🥹

In many ways we understand the present by remembering the past. I recognize that we all have our own story to tell and I'd encourage you to find a way to document it someday.

Unhealthy minds and bodies come in lots of shapes, sizes and kinds. You can be at a healthy weight but be mentally and physically off track.

You might find yourself avoiding certain foods like I was in high school. I was a totally afraid of anything that had FAT in it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Why? Because that is what I had been taught to believe.

Here’s the story:

My High School Days

I had a father that idolized certain body types that directly (and indirectly) shaped my mental and physical image of what beauty and health were.😓

I was like many high school girls that have body image challenges and this was long before social media!

By my junior year of high school I barely weighed 100lbs. I was exercising several times a day between sports, cheer and going on runs. I was hesitant to eat foods with fat (which every woman's body needs!) because I wanted to remain in control and achieve a standard of beauty that was impossible.

  • I was physically unhealthy
  • I was mentally unhealthy
  • I was emotionally unhealthy

Finally in College

I had truth speakers enter into my life and a community of friends (and Dr.s) that helped me see what was happening.

At first I began to change what I was eating and I wasn't as scared of certain foods. I was still probably over-exercising but my body and mind were better.

I began to see that what I had been taught to believe was neither healthy nor sustainable as a woman, wife, and mother.❤️

Our health is so much more than how our bodies look. We were made to be full and alive....

  • Emotionally
  • Mentally
  • Socially
  • Physically

And it took people speaking into my life to help me see how unhealthy I was.

I didn't have a traditional eating disorder where I didn't eat anything or where I purged the foods I ate.

Instead I had a full life imbalance and it created serious issues that followed me for many years.

Why Share This Story?

Because I want two things to be true for you:

  1. To be healthy and whole in all areas of your life.
  2. To find yourself connected with other women so that you can together care for each others overall health.

To be able to share struggles and success with other women is how we make it. It's how we stay on track when life gets wobbly.

Don't listen and believe things that aren't true about you anymore. Seek truth and take action. You're NOT alone.

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