I've been waiting 5 years for this to finally happen and you will love it!

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B•TRIBAL•FIT is being featured
this week thanks to YOU!

It has been 5 years since I started filming workout videos and posting them on facebook.

5 years since the vision of taking a group fitness experience at a local gym and moving it online.

5 years of websites, texting groups, multiple apps, and cobbling together a community experience to pair with great workouts from home. 💜🧡💚

5 years of helping women find a place to belong who were too busy to make their way to the gym or too intimidated to walk into a group fitness class.

5 years of dreaming about a simple way to integrate a life giving community alongside my creative desire to film workouts.

So many women have been a part of B•TRIBAL•FIT along the way and helped create the open culture of sharing our success and struggles with each other, encouraging consistency, and accepting women for who they are on their fitness journey.

Because of all this, WE (you, me and the women of B•TRIBAL•FIT) are going to be THE featured group when our video company releases their community feature to the public on Wednesday this week, eek!

For the women subscribed, we have actually been testing and experiencing our Tribe Community inside the iOS app for a few months, but now it is actually available to everyone on btribalfit.com under the community tab at the top!

Now, whether you have an iPhone or Android, it doesn't matter. Anyone can post from the website and all of our subscribers can participate in the life-giving experience of being a part of the everyday rhythm of B•TRIBAL•FIT.

This calls for a GIVEAWAY 🎉

Since our Tribe Community is getting a lovely upgrade, I wanted to encourage more women to participate and post than ever before.

So for the next 2 weeks, each woman who posts inside the community will get a chance to win some B•TRIBAL•FIT merch (yes, I still have a couple of boxes of tank tops and sweatshirts 🥰)

First, make sure you are subscribed to workout with us!

Second, download the iOS app or go to the Community page.

Third, leave a picture of your sweaty face or workout space and share with us your experience of moving your body a few days this week!

Fourth, I'm going to select 3 winners at the end of April to win. How fun is this? Hope to see your faces soon. 🤗

For the Tribe! - B

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Helping everyday women find an authentic fitness home. Mid-40s Mom of 3 using her creative gifts to encourage and activate women to prioritize their daily food & exercise.

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