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I mean, 21 days later you'll be smiling so big!

published3 months ago
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Peak Fall 🍂 + Peak Fitness 👯‍♀️

I'm not sure about where you live, but here in my lovely corner of NW Arkansas, the leaves are 'at their peak' as they say. It's a time of transition here in the Ozark Mountains.

Can I tell you something, Reader, I keep hearing this from so many women right now...

"I'm going to get back into shape in a couple of months. I'll start that transition in January." Well I don't like being the bearer of bad news (in fact I hate it) but the longer you wait, the more stress you will feel.

I can pinky promise you this, you won't regret prioritizing your health before the Holidays. What an advantage you'll have going into the new year!!

It may be time to show back up for your spin class.
It could be the week you grab your running shoes from the pile.
It may be the time you press play on a BTRIBALFIT workout again.

But, if you need a push, a community, or a guide, girl I've got you. We are getting started in a few days on Nov 1st!

B•TRIBAL•FIT21 Day Fall Fitness Challenge

What's included in the 21 day Challenge?

👏Great question!! Answer: A L O T! You'll receive a very thought-through workout schedule, tailored to keeping your body moving to a different exercise format every day.

In addition I'll be offering LIVE group calls every Wednesday at either 8am or 8pm 🥳. Come share progress, ask questions, and stay motivated! Plus spend time with me!

We are mirroring this Fall Challenge like our new premium plan so we're introducing Healthy Recipes from a Foodie Influencer!! Plus, these NEW Fall Challenge meal guides are packed with seasonal recipes perfect for Thanksgiving 🦃

Here's a quick overview of the checkout page for you too.

want to share this challenge with a few friends too?

I hope you know how badly I need YOU right now. You're my B•TRIBAL•FIT besties. So this goes both ways, we are all in the journey together. This is a no-pressure invitation to join, we can go as fast or slow as you need!! Any decision to focus on your health is a good one.

All my love,

Brooke 💙