How we found time for our health, even with little kids at home

A Conversation from 2003

"Our very first baby had been born, and I had gone for a walk down the street, trying out my body, to see what I could do after having a baby.

As I was coming up the hill to our house, I heard someone yelling 'Brooke! Brooke!' Finley was holding my newborn child, and it's cold. We new that day it wasn't working.

It's hard to have that first baby and figure out how each one is going to have that time to get your physical activity." - Brooke

Staying Healthy With Little Kids

Fin and I wanted offer you 5 things we learned during our "littles" stage. I recognize it is very different for every family situation and you need to have healthy discussions in your home.

I do know that you'll never regret finding time to care of yourself and move your body several times each week.

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All New Workouts for March

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