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Why we are all in on intermittent fasting

If you've heard of the term before but were left with questions wondering why it works or how to implement it, this is for you today. (with some slight Robinson adaptations 😉)

Intermittent Fasting

This is a somewhat modernized phrase for a way that people have eaten for ages. It is an approach for consuming food on your terms that helps your body use energy in a healthy and strategic way.

Unfortunately, any time we use the word "fasting" in a sentence, a lot of women think diet or starvation. This approach to eating is neither of those!

To "fast" simply means to take a break from eating for a set period of time. ____________ 🍓🌽🥚🥙 ____________

Intermittent Fasting is a powerful strategy to protect yourself from disease and help your body function at peak performance.

Granted this is NOT for everyone, depending on your specific dietary needs, but it can work for most. There are a lot of reasons that intermittent fasting isn't practiced in the daily lifestyles of women.

  • Food availability is higher than it has ever been in history. We eat more quantities and more often simply because we have access to food all day.
  • Effective marketing strategies have taught us that we need to eat "three square meals a day." We even have names, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
  • Our bodies want to continue doing what they are currently doing. If you eat at 8am or 10pm, your body is going to continue to be hungry and expect food at those times every day.
  • The idea of being on a "fast" makes eating this way sound unsustainable long term. Truthfully, this is a specific approach to when and what you eat.

For most women this might be a very freeing way to organize your food and free your mind and body from the cycle you are in.

So what does this look like on the daily:

Truth 1: Allowing your body 14-16hrs between energy intake is extremely healthy ✅

Our bodies process energy (which is all food truly is) in different ways.

Sometimes we use quick energies like sugar and carbs. Other times we need fats and proteins.

Allowing your body to go 14-16 hours between energy intake allows the whole of your body to use different kinds of energy that you've stored. If we just keep feeding ourselves, we will only burn short calorie energy and never get to the fats and proteins that are good fuel as well.

Truth 2: Your body will recover better when it can focus on 1 thing at a time ✅

The design of the body is truly amazing. So many systems and jobs going on a once. But what if you could help your body out!?!

Think of this like a seesaw. When you are consuming food more often, your body has to process that food and that requires more energy. Instead, if we help our bodies out with our consumption and keep it to a regular 8 hour window, then it can do other things the other 16hrs.

You will sleep better. Have more consistent energy levels. Feel less of the hungry & full rollercoaster. This also gives your stomach time to settle so that the "empty" feeling isn't constantly there.

Truth 3: You are telling your body when it can expect food rather than your appetite being in charge ✅

Finding a rhythm that works for you is important. No two bodies, lifestyles, or families are the same. But this approach works.

Being less of a consumer, constantly eating because we are bored, slightly hungry, or wanting to sooth ourselves can be a prison.

Flipping your eating on its head, taking charge of when you eat means you are not a slave to your appetite. You are doing your body a service by concentrating your energy intake to an 8hour window every day.

How is this done?

  1. Choose your start/stop time for food intake. 12pm-8pm is pretty reasonable. (*There will always be days for exceptions)
  2. Commit to only sugarless fluids outside of this window of time.
  3. Start your food intake with more proteins than carbs.
  4. If you need afternoon food, make it lighter than a whole meal and less of the "snack" variety. Eat good fuel.
  5. Plan a healthy dinner that leaves you full but not stuffed.
  6. Drink plenty of water along the way. The benefits are astounding.

Need Health Coaching this Fall?

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