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published5 months ago
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The Team Shopping List

What if I told you that you could have your own health team without spending one dollar? Would you be interested? How much would that help?

It's true. If you want the YOU 12 months from now to be the healthiest possible version, it can totally happen. But you'll need a team. ✨

The beauty of this kind of team is that it doesn't have to cost you any $$$. Nope. None. Not at all.

BUT in order to acquire your own health team, you're going to need a few different types of people.

There are lots of names for this kind of group. You can call it your Health Team, your Fitness Community or simply your Tribe.

Once you read about this powerhouse team, let me know which role YOU play most often. I'm so curious!!??!!

If you were to go to the store or hop online to buy your perfect team, here's who you should be looking for 👀

The Tough Gal

These friends tell you want you need to hear, not what you want to hear. They are truth speakers, impatient with laziness and will grunt at you if necessary.

We all need a tough gal because we have moments of weakness and fatigue. This friend has a higher pain tolerance that we do most days and they won't let us quit on the hard days.

The Hype Girl

These friends will gas you up, day or night. They don't care about your past failures or missed goals. It's all belief, all hopes, all blue skies ahead.

You know these kinds of friends. They love you no matter what and know you have what it takes. Encouragement seems to spill out of their mouth on your behalf. They tell you great things about yourself and have 100% belief in you, even when you have 30%.

The Caddy

These friends carry the load when you can't. They do some of the heavy lifting that doesn't come as natural to you. If you have an area of struggle, feel free to load it up on their shoulders and they will carry it for a while.

My husband likes golf and maybe a man in your life does too. The caddie is the one that carries the golfers clubs, gives advice and helps the player think. Having a friend to help you with a plan of action or to walk alongside you as a part of your health team means you aren't going it alone.

The Coach

Every team needs a coach. Someone who's job it is to look at the big picture and the small detail. Having a person who has knowledge about what it takes to get the best outcome is critical.

Coaches act as a guide as they work with your inner and outer world to help make changes. Whether it's in your mental or physical environment, coaches help deliver your highest potential. They purposefully help you design a life of success and happiness.

So, there you have it! Your Health Team! It can be yours if you want it. The only thing standing between you and your Tribe, initiative.

The question is, who are you missing? Who do you need in order to take care of your physical, mental, and emotional well being?

Ask a friend or family member to play a role in your life. You are in control of putting your team together, so go make it a great one! You are worth it.

As Fall is approaching and the school year routine is kicking in, I encourage you to build your team. If you've ever wanted some help to see what that would look like, please take my simple plan below. I promise it'll help start or grow your health team.

You need it and YOU ARE worth it!

How to Start a Tribe.png

For the Tribe! - B💙

PS. Did you know I have an entire page of Free Health Guides on my website? If you need help in a specific area or know someone who does, then hook a girl up!