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The biggest change in 5 years is coming your way!

published3 months ago
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Content Sneak peek 👀

1. I'm teaching a live workshop next week to help you overhaul your family's food habits! If your family needs a new vision and plan for how to eat in a healthy sustainable way, you should join us.

2. Starting in November, I'm launching a whole new category called B•TRIBAL•FIT Premium. Now you can choose between the Basic plan and the Premium option for those that want a more direct & personal health investment for themselves.

Why you are in gooooooood
company right now 👯‍♀️

I've been creating workouts and community for the women of B•TRIBAL•FIT for 5 years now (as of this month 🤗)

Do you want to know the single month that I think women struggle with consistency the most? It's October.

I have both the stories and the data to back this up. I can tell by how many videos are played and by how active the Tribe Community is too.

Not to mention how many texts, DMs, and conversations I have with women online and around town who are out of rhythm and want to reset.

Why is October so difficult for women
to prioritize their health?

  1. You lack a meaningful goal: Without new year or spring break or summer, if it hasn't become something you fight for, you miss that extra seasonal motivation.
  2. You're taking care of everyone else: The first thing to get cut when you are running everyone to practice, games, sleepovers and parties is your fitness routine.
  3. You lost some focus: It's easy to forget how much better you feel when you eat well and exercise often but without a committed focus on your health it doesn't happen.

❤️ I continue to have a big purpose and vision for my life. I want to help activate women daily to make their health a priority so they can live and feel their best in order to serve others around them.

I know that you might be like a lot of women right now, experiencing a slump, so I have two new opportunities that I've been preparing for you and the other women in your life!

First - I'm teaching a food workshop next week! 🍎

I know that eating healthy and feeding your family is challenging. In fact, here are 4 of the usual problems I see:

  • Not everyone likes the same things
  • There’s little time to prepare
  • Dinner happens every single night
  • Healthy eating gets a bad rap

I want to help you "Overhaul Your Family's Food Habits." This will be a 1-hour workshop that I'm teaching live with Finley where we are going to help you learn how to make critical changes to how you eat and feed your family.

This workshop will take place in 7 days on Monday, Oct 24th, so...

Second - I'm launching B•TRIBAL•FIT Premium 🥳

I have been doing some dreaming and business planning recently, and I feel that now is the time to begin offering this new concept!

I know that for many women, having access to the entire library of videos and online community is wonderful and is all that you need. That will continue to be a membership option and will be called simply "B•TRIBAL•FIT Basic."

For the women who needs more, I'm introducing a Premium option starting next month.

In addition to the video library and online community, Premium members will also have more opportunities for development and coaching for their overall health. It will include:

  • 1x a month live interview between Brooke and another health professional covering a wide range of topics.
  • 1x a month "office hours" where you can come and bring any food, fitness or family related issues to talk about within a community context.
  • 30min health onboarding call with Brooke when you sign up for the Premium membership.
  • Food plans for you to have accessible meals to eat healthy and stay happy with the food you are eating.

The Premium membership will be launching early November and will be available for founding members then.

If you have questions or input about this new option, please email me back asap!

I can't wait to get all of these dreams and plans out into your hands soon. I'm so excited for the workshop next week to help you overhaul your family's food habits so don't forget to sign up!

For the Tribe! - B💙